Complaint Management Policy

The way we handle customer dissatisfaction gives us the opportunity to correct a complaint, or the customer’s perception of a complaint, on our part. As a result, effective complaint handling is essential to the protection of our brand and client experience. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate that we treat our customers fairly.

Internal Dispute Resolution

SFS has a formal internal complaints and dispute handling resolution process. Complaints might relate to any person employed by SFS or any aspect of SFS’ activities. SFS’ Client Relationships team are responsible for receiving complaints, which are then reported to SFS’s Legal, Compliance and Risk Department. All complaints are recorded regardless of triviality. SFS will aim to respond to, and resolve, all complaints promptly and within a reasonable timeframe.

Mail Complaints To:

Legal, Compliance and Risk Department:

SFS Capital Nigeria Limited

287 Ajose Adeogun Street

Victoria Island



Make Complaints Enquiries by Phone to:

01 – 280 1400 ; If you do call, we may still request that you send us a follow-up email or letter in writing detailing your complaint.